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Artist Biography


Nicholas Lee Cialdella is an American contemporary artist known for his unique abstract style. He was born in 1992 and raised in the Chicagoland area. Nicholas has always had a passion for art and expressing his creativity. He founded NLC Art Studios at a young age as a way to showcase his artwork and connect with other art lovers around the world.


Nicholas attended Purdue University, obtained a BA in Psychology, and continued to showcase his own creative works within local galleries and public showings. After graduation, Nicholas began a well-planned career in Hong Kong while continuing his second love of educating children with his native English language. He continued to work and learn new artistic techniques while living and traveling around Southeast Asia. Upon completion of his time in Asia, Nicholas was accepted to study at the oldest university in Sweden, Uppsala University, where he completed the courses needed for his International Masters Degree in Sociology of Education. As with his time in Asia, Nicholas was able to take in the teachings of local Swedish artists and find inspiration from this completely new Scandinavian perspective. Currently, He has the privilege of residing in New York and will be exploring creative opportunities within the City. Even though his educational and professional journey focused on uplifting those around him through education and social action, Nicholas’s true passion has always been in the creation of abstract works that both intrigue and inspire viewers.


Nicholas's artwork is characterized by bold colors, dynamic shapes, and complex details that incorporate many of the same ideals as artists such as Mark Rothko, Adolph Gottlieb, Damien Hirst, Jackson Pollock, and Franz Kline. He draws inspiration from a wide range of human-focused experiences, including form, color, behavioral sciences, human interaction, symbology, and language, as well as other political or sociological perspectives. Nicholas also shares high regard for the Art Nouveau artists and this artistic movement. His own personal experiences have provided him with the energy to produce work that allows the viewer to both enjoy and build a relationship with over time of viewing. His work has been exhibited in galleries and art shows in the United States, Hong Kong, and Sweden.


He has been quoted as saying: “My work should be perceived and understood as the image which one has in their mind before a thought has been completely formed. In this way, it will allow you to continue the process [and hopefully enjoy so] by applying your own perspective, ideas, and meaning to my work.”


In addition to his work as an artist, Nicholas is also a skilled photographer and enjoys exploring the field of graphic design. He has worked on various projects, including branding and marketing campaigns for small businesses and tattoo designs. Nicholas’s current artistic goal is to find successful representation to help support his firm goal of displaying his works as well as to find appropriate buyers.


Artist Statement


Ultimately, my goal as an artist is to use any medium, technique, or inspiration to engage with my viewers so that they perceive the world differently than before they have seen my work. I take great inspiration from the basic human emotions and how simple visual stimuli effect our perceptions, thoughts, and reactions. To me, a work is complete only with a viewer who chooses to engage in contemplating what is set forth before their eyes. I often choose to use the style and techniques of prior abstract expressionists as I feel that this method is the best articulation to achieve my goals.


My work should be perceived and understood as the image which one has in their mind before a thought has been completely formed. In this way, it will allow you to continue the process [and hopefully enjoy so] by applying your own perspective, ideas, and meaning to my work.


Currently, my efforts are focused in expressing messages and inspiring reflection on social phenomena through the abstraction of realistic objects or images. I also continue to strive in my ability to express the many inspirations that I have acquired through living and traveling in Asia and Europe. Future works may seem to take a "turn" to incorporate increased digitalization, yet my focus on implementing acrylic paint on paper or canvas will certainly continue as I am able to experiment and further develop in both the physical and digital space.

Exhibition History

  • Published Artist in the Lake Central Rune Magazine Annual Publishing in 2009 & 2010

  • Launch of NLC Art Studios Digital Gallery and Artist Portfolio 2010

  • Private Show at The Blue Room Cafe, Hammond, Indiana 2012 - 2013

  • Continually Exhibiting Artist at Paul Henry's Art Gallery, 2012 - Current Date

  • Exhibiting artist and organizer of the South Lake Artist Co-Op 4th & 5th annual Salon Shows 2013 & 2014

  • First Prize and Exhibiting artist of the 1st and 2nd Annual Purdue University Northwest Student Art Show 2013 & 2014

  • Exhibiting Artist at the South Lake Artist Co-Op Show titled: "Space" 2014

  • Exhibiting artist at the South Lake Artist Co-Op Show titled: "Monsters, Catalog of Fear" June 2015

  • Exhibiting artist in the Tsuen Wan District Art Fair, Hong Kong 2016

  • Exhibiting artist at the FLM LGBT "Pride" Show, Hong Kong 2016

  • Exhibiting artist in the Uppsala University Student Union, Sweden 2021 & 2022

  • Exhibiting artist at the Saluhall Art Show, Uppsala Saluhallen, Sweden 2022

Business Statement


     NLC Art Studios is the Online Gallery and studio space of artist Nicholas Cialdella; Creator of Original Abstract Paintings, Photography, and Graphic Design. NLC Art Studios is a digital and international Online Gallery Space who has had influence from New York, Chicago, Stockholm, and Hong Kong.


Services Provided


     NLC Studios provides the opportunity to both Buy and Commission original works of art. Mr. Cialdella is the creator of Abstract Paintings, Photography, and Graphic Designs. For any further inquiries please Contact the artist.


Typical Job Cost


     The cost of completed work or commissions is based on the agreed price between Mr. Cialdella and the patron. Price will vary depending on the location, cost of materials, specifications, and time of the commission. 

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