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About the Artist


    Nicholas Cialdella, Born 1992, Abstract Expressionist and Photographer, currently living and working in Hong Kong. His maturing into painting coagulates with beginning abstract painting at the age of 13, combined with a pressing interest in human perception, and experience with research into territories of human thought and experience. Cialdella's recent work reflects a growing interest in the human experience of colour and form, basic human emotions, and a implied movement.


   Cialdella's work as been described as Thought Provoking, Deeply Emotional, and Visually Demanding for the Viewer. "I wish my work to resemble the fuzzy image that we have of an past event or day dream. I let the colors, forms, and movement of the paint play with your visual senses and mental constructs. My paintings do not hold any secret meaning, they are simply something for you to experience."


    I have been told that I am very demanding of my audience, wishing them to interact with my work as they would their favorite television program. My mission is to not only create, but to change the way in which people approach the arts. I wish for the question of "How much does it cost” to no longer be the decisive factor of how people value the work. Instead I wish for the public to understand that my work is about taking the time to sit and experience the piece not treat it as an investment."


Artist Statement


    To me, perhaps one of the most interesting things about art, is how interactive it actually is. In our minds we experience all Art through each available sence. With Humans being such visual and social creatures, there is little other explanation for our compulsive need to create and experience art. 


    However, it seems that if you question most artists, there are many more reason that we use as an excuse to create. At the basic level Art is a way of communicating and idea, experience, thought, or feeling. Better Artists do this as they are able to seamlessly compose there impulses into a form that communicates with the observer. 


    The obsession I have to to relate my Basic Human Emotions such as Anxiety, Fear, Joy, Craving, etc... to others through the medium that I would choose. The greatest compliment that I think I could give to a person is to call them a Human being, as they are able to know what it means to actually feel, and not just understand my message. 


    My biggest fear of letting my work go into the public is because; a painting lives only in the eyes of the observer. It can then, often very quickly, die there as well. I wish for my work, and the work of all other artists to be given the respect as an individuals experience in physical form.


Business Statement


     NLC Art Studios is the Online Gallery and Studios Space of artist Nicholas Cialdella; Creator of Original Abstract Paintings, Photography, and Graphic Design. Located in both Chicago and Hong Kong, NLC Art Studios is a digital and international Online Gallery Space.


Services Provided


     NLC Studios provides the opportunity to both Buy and Commission original works of art. Mr. Cialdella is the creator of Abstract Paintings, Photography, and Graphic Designs. For any further enquires please Contact the artist.


Typical Job Cost


     Cost of completed work or commissions is based on the agreed price between Mr. Cialdella and the patron. Price will vary depending on the location, cost of materials, specifications, and time of the commission. 

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