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Showings and Experience



SLAC "Monsters, Catolog of Fears"
Starting in June pf 2015 st Paul Henry's Art Gallery in Hammond Indiana, 3 paintings of mine were selected to be on display. 
SLAC 5th Annual Salon Show
In November for 2014, I was granted the great honor of showing 3 paintings at the 5h annual SLAC Salon Show. Working with such great artists is a real privilage. I can only give my most humble grattitute for being accepted into the group and being allowed to show my work. I greatly appreciate the approtunity they have given me! 


Purdue University Calumet
1st & 2nd Annual Student Art Show
Participating In the First and now second Student art show at PUC was great, The talent and creativity of many of the students often is not seen. The show was very well managed and a pleasure to be a part of.


SIP Coffee House "Space"
In October of 2014 I have been privilaged to have work included in the show theme "Space". 3 sepereate works were chosen to be on display. The event was hostd by SIP Coffe House in Crown Point Indiana and was the brain child of the South Shore Artists Co-Op. 



SLAC 4th Annual Salon Show
Having Joined the South Lake Artist's Co-Op has been a real treat. The individuals that I am able to work with and speak too are fantastic. Participating in the 4th annual SLAC Salon Show, starting in November of 2013, was really quite exciting. I enjoyed not only displaying my work, but seeing the wonderful talent that was brought to me through this great event!



Continually shown at Paul Henry's Art Gallery
Starting In the summer of 2012, I have consistently had work showing within the eclectic and lively walls of Paul Henry' art Gallery. Located on Sibley Blvd in Hammond Indiana, the space is well known for its acoustic jams and Vide variety of work from local artists. I am glad to have had the experience of working with David the owner, he has been a great help and an even greater mentor!
Private Show at The Blue Room Cafe
Theme: A showing of my own work, including in 15 paintings.
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas and Paper


Date: November 2012- April 2013

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